Studying music can enrich anyone's life, from a young child to a senior citizen. Our mission at Musikhaus Studio is to offer the highest quality of musical training to the people of southern New Jersey. Whether learning to play the piano or sing as a beginner or taking existing skills to a new level, you or your child will feel a sense of accomplishment after only a few lessons. The longer you study, the more you will feel a new sense of self-expression that only music can offer.

What we teach:

  • Piano (all ages, styles and genres)
  • Voice (all ages, voice parts, styles and genres)
  • Organ
  • Harpsichord
  • Collaborative Piano
  • Conducting
  • Composition
  • Music Theory
  • Sight Reading, Solfeggio, and Aural Skills

We also offer:

  • Private Coaching Sessions (for performances, auditions and pageant competition)
  • Foreign Language and Diction Coaching
  • Audition Recordings

Musikhaus Studio is right for you if:

  • You want to introduce your child to the arts in a safe, positive environment
  • You want your child to do better in school (Studies have shown that children who study music generally improve in all school subjects, especially math, English, and foreign languages)
  • You studied music as a child and regret that you didn't continue
  • You want to find a more natural, comfortable way to sing
  • You enjoy playing the piano and want to take your skills to the next level
  • You are preparing for an audition or special performance (You must begin study with us at least six months prior to the date)
  • You want to study with an experienced, conservatory-trained teacher

Contact Musikhaus Studio by email or phone to schedule a free, introductory session so that you can find out if we are the right fit for your needs. This is the first step on your new musical journey!